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Hello, Hyper

Earlier on our story, we ran into the decentralized space and found solutions like Dat to be not only very efficient but also quite modular and hence malleable giving us a full spectrum of options to innovate within a context.

Diego Paez
May 22, 2020

In our experience, Dat has not only been used to solve problems, we have also made contributions of different kind to the ecosystem. As community contributors, we have proudly hosted many comm-comm meetings and we attend every consortium meeting we’ve been invited to for the last year.

A Collaboration Story: Building p2pcommons SDK

In this article, we will dig deeper into a new facet of GEUT: a collaboration between our team and Liberate Science to radically improve the landscape of scholarly research.

Diego Paez
January 10, 2020

As we evolve as a company we become more specialized in building decentralized products, we see and strongly believe that there is a lot of room for products with a P2P edge, of course, this is a challenge in itself. But our experience as a fullstack team combined with our knowledge of the Dat ecosystem gives us some confidence on the pursuit of such a purpose. This article will also introduce another team, the Liberate Science team, a key new partner. The current article introduces some of the initial work we have done together up to now and some of our next steps.

GEUT: One Year Later

Some conclusions of our first year as a company and where we want to go from here

Diego Paez
September 13, 2019

Our first year is done. We've always believed in our capacity as a team. But, our real strength is actually shown when put down to practice. The result, which is still a work in progress, is being shaped and we are proud of it. Maneuvering between different team setups organization (either 50/50 internal and consultancy work or full time consultancy when needed) was clearly an effective way which led to fruitful insights. We are more mature now and we have a renewed goal of our initial basis: to work more in our own products and hence give more rope to the GEUT way of building.

Caracara: React + Dat + Automerge

Or how to create a simple collaborative editor on the distributed web

Diego Paez
July 29, 2019

Trying to combine, again, Dat with some web development. The result will be a new experimental app, a mix between two kingdoms. When you combine something like this (at first two different worlds into one) the result does not mean to be the sum of all the benefits or even cons: a complete new thing. Based on this, what can you expect from a web app combined with Dat? You can see it for yourself.

Hello, World!

Code with Opinions

Max Fierro
July 28, 2019

Hello! This is our first post. We are going to share here experiences, announcements and sometimes some technical notes and opinions.