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Founder. JS Developer

Diego Paez

Diego is a JS developer who believes the code you made can make an impact into the world. He likes to think about this: A diamond is very pretty but is very hard to add to a diamond. A ball of mud is not so pretty. But you can always add mud to a ball of mud.

Founder. JS Developer

Martin Acosta

Martín is a JavaScript developer with a passion for perfomance. He always has a refactor in mind. He loves reading about functional programming in JS and thinks that all kind of streams are great.

Founder. JS Developer

Max Fierro

Max is a developer with more than 10 years of experience working on a variety of projects and roles. Open Source advocate. Husband, and proud Dad.

JS Developer

Esteban Primost

Esteban is a JS developer, currently focused on native applications and development tools. Ready for new challenges, especially if someone prepared a "mate".

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