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A well defined toolbox is quite important before starting any kind of job. JavaScript and Node.js become then our cohesive “glue” for most of the challenges we may face. This apparent simple statement comprises a coherent strategy when a project starts.

We have full commitment with every decision we make. This is not a casual choice. It is the reason of our success. We are a solid unity. Every partner will be ready to assist you considering the spirit of the group: "Different roles with a unique goal"

We transform and evolve from the changes that work experiences provoke day by day. Our experience is an asset. We will be ready to listen to you, for real. We make room for improvement and feedback. You are important to GEUT.

We’re active advocates, users and contributors of Open Source technologies and practices.

Meet the Team

About Us

Founder. JS Developer

Diego Paez

Diego is a JS developer who believes the code you made can make an impact into the world. He likes to think about this: A diamond is very pretty but is very hard to add to a diamond. A ball of mud is not so pretty. But you can always add mud to a ball of mud.

Founder. JS Developer

Martin Acosta

Martín is a JavaScript developer with a passion for perfomance. He always has a refactor in mind. He loves reading about functional programming in JS and thinks that all kind of streams are great.

Founder. JS Developer

Max Fierro

Max is a developer with more than 10 years of experience working on a variety of projects and roles. Open Source advocate. Husband, and proud Dad.

JS Developer

Esteban Primost

Esteban is a JS developer, currently focused on native applications and development tools. Ready for new challenges, especially if someone prepared a "mate".

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